Kleinhans Music Hall
Celebrated Quotations

From the dedication of Kleinhans Music Hall on 12 October 1940, Buffalo's concert
venue has received countless accolades from patrons and citizen groups, along with
praise from the world's finest performers. Most of the worthy commentary preserved
here is derived from the first decade of Kleinhans' performance history.

Traubel, Helen - "A beautiful hall"
Anderson, Marian - "Kleinhans Music Hall is an inspiration"
Mischakoff, Mischa - "The best hall I ever played in"
Kriesler, Fritz - "A lovely hall"
Elman, Mischa - "The most beautiful hall I have ever seen"
Tibbett, Lawrence - "A marvelous hall"
Spalding, Albert - "The Hall, it"s Tops"
Stern, Isaac - "Once again, the opportunity to play in this beautiful hall"
Goodman, Benny - "A Most beautiful setting"
Rachmaninoff, Sergei - "Never have I performed in such a beautiful auditorium"
Heifetz, Jascha - "A joy to play in this hall"
Rubinstein, Artur - "Any artist gives his best in a hall like this"
Koussevitzky, Serge - "Kleinhans Music Hall is the dream of a lifetime
                                   - perfect and complete."
Kostelanetz, Andre - "The most beautiful auditorium I have ever seen."
Mitropoulis, Dimitri - "The most perfect music hall in the world"
Melchior, Lauritz - "A masterpiece"

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