Eliel Saarinen

  "A concert auditorium is a musical instrument."

              Conceived and designed in 1937-38 by Eliel Saarinen, the graceful and sweeping curves of Kleinhans Music Hall remain unique among the great concert auditoriums of the world - a lyrical masterpiece. His apprentice son, Eero, designed the Hall's incidental furnishings, including moveable chairs for audiences in the Mary Seaton Room.

      Eliel Saarinen was born on August 20, 1873 in Rantasalmi, Finland. After completing his studies at Helsinki University and beginning his distinguished career, Saarinen emigrated to the United States, where his gift for functional, artistic design established his international reputation. Kleinhans Music Hall ranks among his finest achievements. Saarinen died at age 76 at Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, on 1 July 1, 1950.

        Eliel Saarinen and Serge Koussevitzky                                    Eero and Eliel Saarinen

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