Josef Krips letter to David Laub

May 14, 1963

Dear David,
        I couldn't leave without saying my thanks to you and to the Board of Directors for your wonderful gift. I shall never forget May 1st 1963 in Buffalo and I always shall be grateful for the 10 years I could live with you all.
        It all seems to me like a dream. A Buffalo orchestra playing Beethoven, Schubert, Mozart, we present as well as Bartok, an Orchestra Society whose officers were real friends, fighters and supporters through 10 years, a crowd of 3000 cheering after a Beethoven symphony with an excellent chorus and soloists for altogether $1200 - that is a dream and it shall be a dream as long as I live.
        My warmest wishes for my successor and for a great future of the Buffalo Philharmonic. And that includes the Orchestra, the Society and the Women's Committee. Buffalo audiences go now no more to elsewhere or Roberta Peters, they go to a symphony concert and enjoy their orchestra. So, at the end all the hard work paid. Whenever you need my advice, do not hesitate and call me.
        With warmest wishes to Lydia, to you, to Mary & Fredy and to our Board.

                Yours very sincerely, Josef