BPO Youth Concerts
Kleinhans Music Hall - Western New York

BPO harpist Suzanne Thomas with a trio of admirers backstage at Kleinhans

Students arrive at Kleinhans for a BPO Youth Concert, c. 1950

Tuba tunes by Isidore Termini, BPO Kinderconcert, 1947

School buses at Kleinhans for a BPO Youth Concert

Students en route to the Kleinhans balcony

Students with recorders at BPO Youth Concert

From its inception in the fall of 1935, the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra
has performed well over a thousand Youth Concerts at Kleinhans Music Hall
and throughout Western New York. Student attendance from K through 12
is estimated to be at least 1,200,000 students. A documented history of
BPO Youth Concerts (programs, photographs, etc.) is currently underway via
the efforts of BPO Archive volunteers.

  First BPO Youth Concerts:
        Buffalo Public Schools - December 17, 1935 (cover)
        Buffalo Public Schools - December 17, 1935 (program)
        Young Peoples Concert - December 21, 1935 (program)

  Student Letters to the BPO:
        St. Leo the Great School, Amherst, N.Y., April, 2008
            Letter 1    Letter 2    Letter 3    Letter 4

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